How I got my health back

– is not a diet, its a new healthy Lifestyle.
– is 3 months were you will become as healthy as can be
– is 3 months were we change your relationship with food
– is what turned our health around last year – and is still on top
– is a mix of psychology, nutritional experience and know-how

We will work together in a small group for 3 months, checking-in on you several times per week, to secure you get back your health!.

When you join, you get to know me as a normal lady from Norway, who did this program myself in 2016, and were so amazed with the results I saw in both myself and others in the group, and realized I just had to pass this unique concept forward.
I have now dedicated my time to coach others to get back their health and feel nourished and energetic every day 🙂

WildFit is a powerful and effective health methodology, a methodology that draws its inspiration from evolutionary and functional medicine and nutritional anthropology.

Look inside the event for more information about the structure of the program. Just know you are supported on many levels during these 90 days – to make sure you actually will succeed.
That is our passion. That is my promise to you.

Today, most people know what to eat, what not to eat and that they should exercise. And still, most people are over-fed, under-nourished and lack the most basic levels of physical fitnes that will lead to a long, healthy and enjoyable life.

I will lead you in a small group, were I follow you along as you slowly change your lifestyle in a way that you are able to stick with for as long as you feel it benefits you….. and speaking of a huge number of previous participants – that means for the rest of their life, because they have gained back strength and good health.

You will no longer need willpower to help you choose good food, you will simply no longer want the bad food.

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