We all want more not less

If you’re a working mum and sick of being exhausted, stretched and unappreciated, I have something for you.

You know you want your life to be different, and you know that in order to get there, you need to do things differently, you just don’t know how?

As a Norwegian Health & Lifestyle coach I not only help you get your energy back, but I help you get your sanity back.

No more going through the motions of what you think life should be, but rather finding that happy medium that lets you be more of YOU as well as taking care of those around you.

Are you overwhelmed, stressed and drained by the end of the day?

Are you always saying yes to helping others, and forgetting about yourself?
Are you longing to have an impact, making a difference in the world – but dont understand how in the world you will find time for that, let alone knowing how to do that? Are you deeply longing to feel energized, inner love and peace of mind, but really dont know how to get there?

I know where you are, I know how you might be feeling. I know how it is to be a compassionate mama. I know how it is to have a busy job in the corporate world combined with a family. I know how it is to go through a divorce and being a single-mom. I know how it feels to be broke. I know how it feels to be drained and overwhelmed and wondering if you could find the “off-switch” for the world for a little while, just to get some rest. And I know that nagging feeling of not making a difference, not living on purpose.

But the best part is that I know how to guide you away from that and into finding your inner peace, your passions, to get reenergized, and together lay new directions and routines to have you feel you make a difference, to make you feel energized and at ease.
I will hold your hand through your challenges, share your smiles when you succeed and together we can change the world, step by step……..because that is my passion, what makes me smile everyday:)

My main purpose in life is to serve others to find and follow their inner strength, dreams, passions and purpose. My passion is for others to feel energized, be happy, accept themselves for who they truly are, and to stand strong as themselves, and not just be putting on a mask, and behaving the way they think the surroundings expect of them.

If you want to receive a Complimentary discovery session, please click the button for “Booking and prices”, and you can right away bok a time convenient for you.

I am giving you a free session, for you to easier understand and feel what coaching is all about, and what it can do for you and to see if we can be a good match for working for YOU, for YOUR DREAMS, for YOUR LIFE.