What is coaching

Coaching is about bringing out the best in someone.
Its about strengthening confidence.
Its about working towards specific goals…… but often at the beginning of a coaching relationship – the client may not be so clear about her dreams / goals, and so a big part of the coaching will be to find deep within back to those dreams, those goals, those values.

It could be about changing a career
It could be about becoming an even better & stronger mom
It could be about being a rolemodel for your kids – and passing on a legacy filled with confidence, strength, wisdom and  passion.                                                    It could be about having you feel you make a difference in the world.
It could be about getting more energized.
It caould be about setting new patterns & behaviours towards a life filled with more peace, love and ease.

Who needs a coach?
* In general we could say that everyone would benefit from having a coach.
* Who doesnt want to find the answers to who I really am, and who I deep within wish to be and to be seen as – my true self?
* Who doesnt want to find and eliminate what keeps you from achieving your goals?
* Who doesnt want to have a coach/guide by your side when you work with changing your life?
* Who doesnt want to have a coach / guide by your side when you go through a challenging phase, to make the phase shorter – and get through it stronger and more in alignment with yourself?