All of our interactions will remain strictly confidential, meaning I will not share any information provided by you with anyone, without your express consent.


You may contact me outside of our scheduled sessions. If any questions or concerns arise and you prefer not to wait until our next formal meeting, I encourage you to stay in touch with me via email. I typically return e-mail twice per day and will respond to your e-mail within 24 hours or less. If an emergency comes up and you need to speak to me, you can also call me on Skype.


I usually coach from the top of the hour to 45 minutes after.  The best time to reach me is that 15-minute time period before the upcoming hour.  Otherwise, I will always reply to your requests within 48 hours, except when out of town, on holiday, or special days marked as unavailable in my calendar.


If I make a promise to you, it will be kept.
If I am unable to keep a commitment, I will notify you of this as soon as possible.
I will deal with you in the highest standard of integrity, honesty, professionalism, and respect.
I am adamant about delivering high value.
I will let you know if I feel my involvement is not likely to make a positive difference in your life.

Commitment to Your Progress

I am 100% committed to serving your evolution into your highest self.  Some of the best value I can deliver to you comes through the “tough places” you may be unwilling to visit on your own.  I promise to go “all the way” with you in telling you what I see, and supporting you in courageously facing and moving your blocks. I will give you honest feedback, ask challenging questions, hold you accountable to your commitments, and every once in a while give you a gentle kick in the behind… (only when you need it). 😉

What you can expect of yourself and the coaching experience

Just as if you were to read an exciting book, it is sometimes best not to know what exactly is ahead of you.  We’ll work together to determine the direction you’d like to head for our sessions together.  It will be my responsibility to navigate the energy and assure that we keep sight of the course we have set together.  It is up to you to keep showing up and doing the work as it evolves.  Together we’ll make sure the steps are taken and all necessary adjustments are made as we go along.

In my experience, almost every client will go through some period of feeling completely amazing and light and other periods of feeling fearful, doubtful, tired, or resentful of the whole process.  For the most part, the effectiveness of this type of coaching is non-linear, and thus, all of these periods are part of what it takes to produce breakthroughs beyond what you have in the past.   To you, some time periods may feel great, other times you would do without.  Overall, however, the growth curve WILL BE POSITIVE.