I offer WILDFIT Group coaching, guiding you closely through the 90 day challenge to get a lasting new healthy lifestyle. You will be part of a small group where you all do the Wildfit Challenge, looking at your relationship with food, the uncouncisous habits, creating new habits, learning loads about nutritious food, learning to never go hungry and which foods actually energize and uplifts you.

There will be group calls every week, many weeks several times per week. You will also be part of a small private Facebook Group where you are all accountable with one another, cheer one another on and have the space to share questions and experiences.


LIFE COACHING – Find back to YOU

I offer LIFE-coaching one-on-one.
The focus will be on YOU in the sessions, it is almost like “ME-time”.
You deserve to get energized and more clear.


Each sessions is normally between 30-45 minutes.
It can be done over the phone, Skype, Viber or other similar modalities.

I always recommend packages of 6-10 sessions, as we then get to work deeper, and add in action ssteps to be taken inbetween the sessions. I can also follow you up via e-mail between sessions.

I am no theraphist, and do NOT see you as broken, but whole.
I dont see you as if there is anything wrong with you. I see the true you, and want to guide you in finding back to your inner stength.

A session will be very much like a conversation, where I ask most of the questions, but also ask for replies in order for you to fully participate.

We are all 100% responsible for our life, and I ask for you to take that responsibility with you also into a coaching session. There is not much room for blaming others or getting into victimhood. Thats what we want to free you from.

Each sessions will be different from another when it comes to content, but the style will be familiar.

I will soon offer programmes, and it will be updated here on this web-page as soon as it is ready.
Prgrammes will be a combination of one-on-one sessions, audios, calls and assignments.

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