Clients & Testimonials

My typical clients are women aged 30-50, who have busy jobs and wonderful kids they care for.
They are often in overwhelm because they keep on giving and giving to everyone all the day long, but forgot about them selves on the way. They feel drained, and that they lack a direction. They are longing to find a deeper meaning, and to have a direction of where they are going.

“It is like they are a ship without a rudder. They may move from side to side, up and down, but dont really get anywhere – apart from into exhaustion. My job as a coach is to work with the client to find that rudder, to find the direction and start taking action steps that actually will take you towards your direction. Which then also wil be steps towards more energy and more happiness.

From “E”: Hilde is the embodiment of compassion, understanding and kindness. In our sessions together, she held me with absolute love and patience. A sense of clarity, openness, relaxation and warmth permeated my whole body, allowing me to see more deeply with insights into my own truth. I could release my fear of ‘what if it went wrong.’ Hilde held me by the hand to the wellspring of my own inner truth and gave me concrete action steps to follow up afterwards. It was all much more effortless than I had thought. I am truly grateful for her!


From “Y”: Thanks for your coaching. I am convinced that you have arrived at your right path in life. You are so safe and comforting as a human being and this is reflected when you work as a coach. You have done wonders for my confidence and helped me to make good choices for myself. The last few years have been exhausting and it’s easy to forget myself in the midst of it all. You have reminded me of the importance of taking care of myself so that I can manage to be there for others in a better way. I have increased my consciousness and received hassistance to articulate feelings and make good choices. Incredibly important things in my life! Thanks again.