Meet Hilde – Your Coach in Norway

The role of a coach is often to shed light on things that you have kept hidden for themselves for years.

Hilde is a mother of 3 boys, and has always been very enthusiastic and engaged in other people and their wellbeing. Her journey in the world of coaching and teaching started early in her life through volunteering for the red cross. Hilde juggled successfully the challenges of modern life by being a dedicated mother and working fulltime in the busy high profile corporate world. This has led Hilde to worked with many businesses and been coaching and counselling for over 20 years.

Hilde mission is to enable people in their inner discovery journey to be true to themselves and be aligned to their true potential.

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Life & Energy coaching – Bring out the best you 

There come to a point in anyone life, where the focus is required on what is fulfilling and meaningful. Through, a safe and open discussion, learning and prioritisation an exciting journey does unfold that ignite true your passion leading to life without feeling drained. Hilde is a certified  Enwaken and WildFit coach, a trained public speaker and since carried out hundreds of hours coaching women on their journey to finding back to themselves and living a more confident and meaningful life.


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