Do you feel there is never any tme for YOU?
That there is always something to be done, always striving to be the perfect mum, perfect partner, perfect friend, perfect employee…….? And maybe you also want to make the best and healthiest food for your family – making it from scratch, go exercising, make your own presents, write personal cards
and care for your sister, mother, neighbor and friend…..? Do you feel there is something missing, like you are wondering what happened to my mission here in life – what happened to me making a difference?

If you slow down a bit, if you don’t do everything for others, if you take time to breathe and be present, if you ask others to assist you….. don’t you think you would gain some energy?
Don’t you think that would free up some time you could spend on yourself, having “me-time”?
Don’t you deep within know that you would be an even better person for your family and surroundings if you first give some to yourself?
Like what we are told to do on the airplane – first put the mask on yourself, and then on the kids……..

3 easy steps:
1. Take time to stillness some few minutes everyday
2. Learn how to say no to things that does not benefit you
3. Start looking within to find your innerself, your answers and your unique way of making a difference in the world.

You could do this by yourself, or you could be guided by a coach.
Any way you choose – start choosing YOU!

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