Meet Hilde

Coach Hilde Photoshoot (24 of 32)Who am I?
I am an honest and authentic life coach who sees the beauty and strength in every single person, and who is not afraid of telling the truth. My job as a coach is often to shed light on stuff that my clients have kept hidden for themselves for years.

I know how it is to have a busy job in the corporate world combined with a family. I know how it feels to be drained and overwhelmed. And I know that nagging feeling of not making a difference, not living on purpose.

But the best part is that I know how to guide you away from that and into finding your inner peace, to get reenergized, and together lay new directions and routines to have you feel you make a difference.

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I am a mom of 3 boys, and have always been very enthusiastic and engaged in other people and their wellbeing. I have worked with business and counceling for a couple of decades, and have handled the challenges with being both a mom and working fulltime in the busy corporate world.

Do you face the challenges of being overly busy at work, and feeling pulled by your bad guilt towards your kids, because you feel you should be more at home? Or do you struggle to get enough time and energy to do it all? – being a good mama, performing well at work, eating healthy, being with friends, going to the gym…….
Let me tell you – I know how it all feels. But I also know there are other ways, there are small steps you can take to feel a lot better, more fullfilled an fuelled up with energy.

I may not be the funniest person walking barefoot on earth ( I love walking barefoot by the way, so a paradox I decided to be born and live in cold Norway :), but I do have my sense of humour, and am not afraid of making a fool of myself. I have a feeling though that it has been more embarresing for my family than myself when I bring out my inner child to play 🙂

A life & Energy coach, who seek to bring out the best in people.
I came to a point in life some few years back, where I needed to focus on me again, on what was fullfilling and meaningful to me. I started learning to prioritize myself, while I at the same time could continue to be passionate and caring for others – but now without draining myself totally.
I started my training as a coach, and was in 2012 certified as an Enwaken Coach. I have since carried out hundreds of hours coacing women on their journey to finding back to themselves and living a more confident and meaningful life.


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Save or serve?
I love my boys deeply and would literally do anything for them – yet I have come to realise that I wont. I’d rather serve them in their development & growth, rather than doing everything for them, and by that saving them. Because the latter does’nt serve them in becoming who they truly are, it doesnt prepare them to live their life at their fullest, and it doesnt make them more happy.
Do you serve or save your kids?

I see my clients, and all human beings, as whole – and not broken. I see you as who you are deep within, and not just the surface & mask you may put on. I want to guide you to find and follow your dreams & purpose, to bring your innerself out into the world, and feel energized, happy and fullfilled.

My Background & my journey
Throughout all the different phases of my life, I have always had a huge desire to care for others, to give of my love. Always loved children/ youth and wanted the best for them – to SEE them, to make them confident and safe. I have always had a strong inner wish to be there for others, to guide and make them confident and happy. To make people feel seen and valued. What I have loved the most in the jobs I have had, as well as in my voluntary work in all these years, has been to work with people, see them, compliment them, support them and to guide them to be their best. So when I came to realise this, choosing to become a coach felt very natural:)

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Do you know what your passions are? What you feel called to do? What makes you smile, makes time pass by and your heart sing? In coaching sessions we find back to that, to your passions and dreams. We look at them together with your skills and life situation, and create time & space for you to feel you make a difference again, feel you are at ease

I have always been enthusiastic and engaged and dived in with all my heart. Could give all my time for others. I have also always been juggling with many jobs/tasks/voluntary work and commitments, all at the same time. And seldom been relaxed, or at peace / in quietness. I used to have this urge to perform, show that I am a “good girl”…….

Guess what
In the midts of always putting others first, guess what?
I didn’t care enough about myself, giving myself time to just BE, meditating, walk in the forests to get inner peace….. That wasn’t my priority. I would rather spend my energy for others. Always being the ”good girl” and saying yes to far more than I should have.
Anyone recognizing themselves here?

Now I know what is important to me and I feel it does me good…… have peace of mind, to be in balance, to take time for the small things in life, caring for the people close to me, to be in nature, to be true to myself, to serve the world with love and peace and guidance. Not just run from activity to activity, task to task, never being satisfied, never having time to just be in the moment.

It didn’t happen overnight……. But has been a process with lots of experience, wisdom, insights and joy, guided well by a coach.

I think I may have been a “challenging” client to coach 🙂
I’ve had much resistance against changes. Am I really worth having inner peace and joy? Am I really good enough? Why should I be happy and at peace when so many others are suffering……and so on.
Do you recognize yourself here?

I have had inner unconsious patterns to turn, blockages to remove. I have met myself in the mirror – and it hasn’t always been beautiful I have made my good & bad choices throughout my life, as we all do. But it doesn’t matter now, cause I now know my path, I know my inner strength and I have found ways to have “Peace of mind”. I am grateful for the life I have lived, the wisdom I have gained, the love I have felt (and feel ) and where I am right now.

Now I can coach you on your journey
I will hold your hand through your challenges and your wins, share your smiles when you succeed and together we can change the world, step by step……..