EFT / Tapping – what is that?

Have you heard of EFT?

Once a year there is a worldwide summit about this topic, and this year realy great experts are attending.
The registratuon for this years “The Tapping World Summit is now officially open.

How Tapping Changes the Brain
Today I want to share with you a powerful
video that explains some of the science
of how Tapping actually works to effect
and change the brain…

I know that when many people hear about
this strange technique they are initially
skeptical, which is perfectly understandable.

But the fact of the matter is…

This technique works, and the science
and research is there to back it up.

For example, one study measured cortisol
levels before and after treatment. Cortisol
was measured because it’s the “stress
hormone,” as stress levels go up, cortisol
goes up.

The study was broken up into 3 groups.

One group received no treatment. The 2nd
received only conventional “talk therapy” for
30 minutes. And the third received “Tapping”
for 30 minutes.

The first two groups only showed the regular
rate of cortisol decline in the body, 14%. The
Tapping group had a 24% decline rate!

This result was so shocking to the researchers
that when they first ran the data they thought
something was wrong and so they went back
ran the tests again…but they got the same
results and realized that the initial results
were accurate!

This is just one of many research studies
done on Tapping and how it affects the
brain and body.

If you want to learn more, and you want to
discover how you can use Tapping to
positively impact your own brain for better
results in your life, then you need to watch
this video:


Enjoy the video. I know you will. 🙂

P.S. – Dr. Wayne Dyer recently said about
Tapping, “Put away your skepticism, this
really works…I’ve had great results with
tapping in my own life.”

Jack Canfield calls it “..the most powerful
new transformational technology to
come along in years…”

Lissa Rankin M.D. says, “For those seeking
a prescription for eliminating limiting,
self-sabotaging beliefs that lead to fear,
anxiety, and chronic illness, look no further
than The Tapping Solution.”

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Do you feel there is never any tme for YOU?
That there is always something to be done, always striving to be the perfect mum, perfect partner, perfect friend, perfect employee…….? And maybe you also want to make the best and healthiest food for your family – making it from scratch, go exercising, make your own presents, write personal cards
and care for your sister, mother, neighbor and friend…..? Do you feel there is something missing, like you are wondering what happened to my mission here in life – what happened to me making a difference?

If you slow down a bit, if you don’t do everything for others, if you take time to breathe and be present, if you ask others to assist you….. don’t you think you would gain some energy?
Don’t you think that would free up some time you could spend on yourself, having “me-time”?
Don’t you deep within know that you would be an even better person for your family and surroundings if you first give some to yourself?
Like what we are told to do on the airplane – first put the mask on yourself, and then on the kids……..

3 easy steps:
1. Take time to stillness some few minutes everyday
2. Learn how to say no to things that does not benefit you
3. Start looking within to find your innerself, your answers and your unique way of making a difference in the world.

You could do this by yourself, or you could be guided by a coach.
Any way you choose – start choosing YOU!

About time it changes

About time it changes

Have you also felt outside, sad, stated intentionally weak, helpless, empty, exhausted and aimless & opinion? I have and know how you feel. I searched for help and answers in all directions, both courses and books …… but only found peace and joy when I turned inward. For answers, peace, love, meaning and identity – that I have in me. And you also ……. you have all the answers within you. Everything in this world is energy, everything vibrates at a specific frequency, much like radio waves. And energy can be changed and enhanced. I wish with all my heart that everyone should have the opportunity to be confident in himself, his inner self, and let there be more visible in the world. We all have things we deeply within us wants to do here on earth, and I am often a facilitator to get this thing to others. I believe in the good in all people. I believe in love. I believe in meditation and inner peace. I believe in dancing, joy and play. I chose at the age of 41 years to change my direction in life, my life. I had to follow this burning inner desire to find myself and advise others to do the same. I am now life coach or requests to write large and small about life, encouragement, food for thought, to smile and to refill good energy.